Sunday, March 28, 2010

The BM/CO Project...Explained a bit...

Click for music:

In this project (BEING MOUNTED/ CROSSING OVER) there are going to be 100 sets, and each set
will have a poem, pic, and tune (yes yes i know they are technically not 'tunes').

My last semester of college (MY LAST ROAR OVER) I studied rituals from all around the world involving music and trance. I am a bit obsessed with world music, specifically Malagasy, so that is probably what sparked my interest.

For my thesis...I wrote a paper yes, but I also created original poems, images, and musical pieces that attempted to create a new civilization, myth and history. The crazy made up Lipari history in my head.

I will probably only be posting the images here and maybe some more music, but the poems I feel weird posting. I don't know why. I will get back to you on that...

But for now, here is one real deal. A real set. An imusem.

I hope you enjoy.
much much,

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