Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Old movies

I just realized I never posted the two films I made as final projects for school last semester. I had never done anything like this before! 

The first was inspired by the last few moments of Hoffmann's fairytale "The Sandman," and is an experiment in synaesthesia. The second was a project I did for my Spanish Surrealism class...but I just kind of made what I wanted to. 

I made them within a few weeks of one another in May of 2008. Did all the music, too. I won't say more than that, except that they are totally bananas/bonkers!

Oh and you have to crank up the music a bit on the Hoffmann one because I had no idea what i was doing:)



plumpdumpling said...

I can't get the second one to play, but I looooooove the first. You don't have synesthesia, do you? Because I would be so jealous. The snail comin' at me and the birthday candles with the negative space were my favourite parts.

Oh, P.S. I was wrong about you having to type in random letters and numbers to post a comment here.

paige lipari said...

Here are the youtube links!